The Knife Made From A Meteorite


Perceval Cutler make and sell kitchen knives, table knives and folding knives. Based in Thiers, the historical capital of French cutlery, Perceval workshop make handmade modern and design knives in line with the cutlery savoir faire but including modern cutting technique and steel treatments.

They currently offer over 130 different knifes on the website, but their piece de resistance has to be the L08 Damascus blade Meteor scales Muonionalusta, which although a mouthful is genuinely made from an actual meteorite!

The forge technique used on Series L Damascus steel reveals concentric circles that resemble rosebuds. This is what gave this design its name.

Perceval has pushed back the boundaries in terms of technology and design. For the very first time, craftsmen have been able to sculpt the whole block of material and produce a handle in solid meteorite. Measuring 205 mm x 21 mm x 10 mm this stellar diamond, is sure to attract admiring glances due to its everlasting shine and the elegance of its unique geometric shapes.

As well as it’s everlasting shine the other positive things are that it comes with a lifetime guarantee, and also the fact that every single one is a one off. The down sides though as the fact that there is a 3 month wait to get your hands on one, on and the fact that you won’t get much change form £3,800.

To find out more on this knife and the rest of the vast collection please head to their website here.