The Skarp Laser Razor


You all know how we love a good kickstarter appeal? Well the latest one to catch our eye is one that almost all of us can relate to; Shaving.

Shaving can be the absolute worst, especially for people with sensitive skin. Razors can leave behind razor burn, ingrown hairs and cuts, and when you've worn down a razor there’s the recurring cost of replacing either the razor itself or the blades.

Add to this the fact that aside from increasing the number of blades, technologies in shaving haven’t really evolved almost ever. This is about to change however thanks to a Swedish startup company called Skarp Technologies and their amazing creation of the Skarp Laser Razor.

At first glance, the Skarp Razor looks like a traditional razor, but that is where the similarity ends.

The Skarp razor is powered by a small laser which cuts (not burns) through hair for an incredibly close shave without irritating to damaging the skin.

The hi-tech gadget is possible thanks to years of research from founders Morgan Gustavsson and Paul Binun, who have discovered a chromophore that is found in human hair which can be cut when hit with a particular light wavelength. Made from 6061 aluminum, the razor also only requires a single AAA battery.

This isn’t just for men to use on their face either. It’s more than delicate enough for women to enjoy it too.


Another fairly major plus is that with 2 billion razors or razor heads being thrown away each year in the US alone, the laser razor is very kind to the environment as it has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Also it can be used with minimal or very little water, so this is great for places with water shortages.

Now to say this has caught the imagination of the ‘crowd’ would be a huge understatement. The company launched it’s Kickstarter appeal asking for £160,000, and this was reached in less than 48 hours.
10 days in now (it ends on October 19th) and it is already in the top 50 most backed crowd funded projects of all time with almost $2.3 million being pledged as of writing this.

If you’d like to jump on board and fund it, or if you’d just like to find out more information you can visit their Kickstater page here.