The Volkswagen XL1

Instead of featuring a sports car with a top speed in excess of 200mph and doing 0-60 in sub 5 seconds, instead we bring you probably the world's most fuel efficient car. Built in their Osnabrück factory in Germany, the Volkswagen XL1 is the future of car efficiency, but be quick to snap one up as a limited run of 250 has been announced.


The power behind the futuristic body that resembles a 21st Century De Lorean is a 800cc diesel engine and electric engine capable of producing 75bhp. This might not sound like a lot until you take into account the low kerb weight of 795kg, all possible due to clever construction materials including carbon fibre, magnesium(wheels), ceramic brakes and aluminium (dampers, steering system, brake pads).

Combining the low weight and sufficient power the XL1 is capable of reaching 313mpg, staggering when a normal diesel car would achieve 50 on a usual run. Along with the great milage is the C02 output of just 24g/km, that's a 100g less than a 1.2 petrol engine and you can guarantee you won't be paying any road tax


To save on drag, the designers had to come up with a design that was both practical but performed well in the wind tunnel. There are no wing mirrors, instead small monitors are embedded in the doors with cameras mounted sleekly outside and with the rear wheels covered they've achieved a cd value of 0.186. This is a measure of aerodynamics (determined in the wind tunnel): the lower the better. Passenger cars usually range between 0.2 and 0.4. Formula 1 cars have high values, but more downforce. Not released until next year, you'll just have to admire our pictures instead