The Volvo Safety Cycle Helmet


Nobody can argue that we need to improve road safety, and any invention that claims to be able to improve it must be given some serious attention.

With that said one of the more interesting demonstrations at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Nevada this week has been to do with exactly that.


It has involved Volvo Cars, POC (a manufacturer of protective gear for extreme athletes & cyclists) and communications tech company Ericsson whom have all coming together to produce a concept cycle helmet.

It is using technology that is already installed in all the Volvo XC90’s, and alerts both the driver and the cyclist when they are in danger of colliding with each other through its connected car cloud.
The two-way communication system pinpoints the proximity of a connected car and a cyclist’s smartphone app using GPS.
Volvo’s existing cloud-based safety system will recognise a cyclist’s position through GPS and will alert the driver through their dashboard.
Additionally, if a collision is predicted, a red warning light will flash in the cyclist’s helmet so they know to reduce their speed, even before they see the car.

Another pleasing aspect is that Volvo are renowned for the generosity in allowing other companies to use technologies they have patented, so if the trials of the helmet are successful it could well be rolled out through the world in any car manufacturer that choses to use it, and with more people cycling now that ever before this can only be a great thing.