UGG Boots – How To Spot A Fake


As with most luxury designer brands, there are many sellers who want to cash in on the brand’s popularity. Hopefully with a little heads up from us, you will able to distinguish an authentic UGG product from a fake, should you ever be a little unsure. To make life a little easier we've also included some picture comparisons of real and fake UGGs.

How can I spot fake UGG boots?

1) Check the packaging: Authentic UGG products will not come in a bag, the only time you will ever receive a bag is from one of the UGG stores. Classic UGG boots will not come with a hanging label as many counterfeit products do. The UGG box is also of a specific design. Counterfeit boxes are often hinged or with a handle. The size of the box, label and art work also differs from authentic packaging.

Fake UGG Box


2) Check the size: The height of fake UGG boots can be shorter or taller than authentic products, it is best to compare with a genuine UGG boot if possible. Fake UGG boots also have a narrower opening, authentic boots allow enough room to tuck trousers inside, or to fold over.

Fake UGG Bailey Button


3) Check the heel label: Examine the heel label which in counterfeit products can be enlarged, or the styling of the letters incorrect. The stitching around the label can often be sloppy and the corners may be slightly frayed.

Fake UGGs Heel Label


4) Check the sole: Bend the sole of the boot; on genuine UGG boots the soles are flexible and curve. Fake boots have a stiff sole which is difficult to flex. Real UGG boots have a 1-2inch thick sole, fake UGG boots are often thinner.

Fake UGG Sole


5) Check the fur lining: Lining in counterfeit shoes is often synthetic, glued or sewn to cow or pig suede or other artificial materials. Synthetic fur inside the boot will be slippery and silky. Real fur is rougher and a bit thicker.

Fake UGG Lining


For more information visit UGG’s dedicated counterfeit page, and if you think you have been fooled into buying fake UGGs, contact UGG Australia by emailing them at uggip@uggaustralia.com

However, as an official licenced stockist of UGG Australia, you can rest assured that you’re getting the real deal at Van Mildert.

(Written by Megan Chambers)