Bear Grylls - The Island

Bear Grylls drops a group of men on a far-flung, deserted island in the Pacific Ocean for an entire month. Can they survive?

Famed for starring in documentaries about surviving in nature’s most inhospitable places, Bear Grylls returns to our screens this Bank Holiday Monday. Appearing in a hosting capacity, Bear leaves the extreme surviving escapades to 13 British men after dumping them on a remote Pacific Island.

In an experiment to rediscover Britain’s long-lost manliness, the group will arrive on the island with only the clothes on their back and a small selection of basic tools. The aim? An experiment to challenge the modern-day man to survive - unaided - for a month without their beloved smartphones, laptops, convenience foods and grooming products.

Existing in a world where past hunter-gather skills are no longer required, Chief Scout Grylls believes today’s man only uses a fraction of their human capabilities - “Men really struggle nowadays with what it means to be a man," the adventure-cum-broadcaster said. “In the olden days, it was clear – you use your spear, your brains, your resourcefulness, your courage. All that sort of stuff made a man.

“If you strip man of everything – no microwave, no bed, none of the stuff we take for granted – are the skills that man has gained over thousands of years or mistakes and errors and development still here? Have they just gone in a generation? Or when pushed are they still somewhere in there?"

Featuring entrants such as a farmer, hairdresser and a neurologist, the adventure will see the contestants battling the elements to locate fresh water, build shelter and hunt wildlife such as scorpions, stingrays and crocodiles for food.

The unmissable show kicks off on Monday at 9pm on Channel 4.