Hawksmoor Steak Restaurant

With this week being Great British Beef Week we thought we’d track down the best stakehouse in the country, and in the shape of Hawksmoor we reckon we have found it.

Now in its 7th year, The Great British Beef Week 2017 is aimed at encouraging people to support Britain’s hard working beef farmers.
So if you can buy some British Beef and cook it at home, however we appreciate that some people would just prefer to go out, and that is where the Hawksmoor Restaurant comes in.

A labour of love to find the perfect beef inspired Huw Gott and Will Becket to try and open the best steak restaurant in London, which they did in 2006 in Spitalfields in Shoreditch.  After receiving favourable reviews and some awards they were encouraged to broaden the menu and aim to be amongst the best restaurant of any kind within the UK.
Success breads success as they say and now-a-days The Hawksmoor isn’t just a one off restaurant.  There are now 7 of them, plus a bar located in the basement of the previously mentioned Spitalfields.
There are six restaurants in London and one in Manchester, with each one tweaked to fit it’s surroundings, and with all the menus revolving around the best ingredients they can find – whether it be beef from grass-fed native cattle, sustainable seafood from around the British coast, seasonal fruits and vegetables, or great British cheeses – served by friendly people who love what they do.

Described by The Times newspaper as being ‘Flawless’ it’s piece de resistance is without a doubt it's steak, which comes from Yorkshire-bred cows supplied by The Ginger Pig Farmhouse.

For more information please head on over to The Hawksmoor official website here, and if you really are a beef / steak aficionado then make sure you click on the 'Beef And Liberty' button at the bottom of the page.