The Anniversary Corvette's

To celebrate the beloved American Corvette turning 65 years old Chevrolet is set to release not just one but two stunning sports cars.

We all know what to give someone for an anniversary: Silver for 25 years, Ruby for 40 years, Gold for 50 years, and Diamond for 60 years etc, but what about 65?  Turns out it’s Carbon Fibre!

To celebrate 65 years since the first Corvette rolled off the production line at the Flint factory in Michigan, Chevrolet is building 650 examples of Corvette Carbon 65 Edition cars.
Only available in the Grand Sport and the Z06 versions as the name suggests it is all about carbon fiber additions. In this case, the material takes care of the likes of the rear spoiler, and quarter ducts, while the exterior gets a Ceramic Matrix Metallic Grey paint job.
It also boasts blue brake calipers, and black machine-finish wheels, with special edition ‘Carbon 65’ centre caps.  It also has branded kick plates, as well as fender stripes and door graphics.
As for the interior, it comes swathed in black suede with blue, red, or yellow stitching to go along with carbon fiber trim and a matching steering wheel.

The cars come in either a coupe or convertible versions, and for more information please head on over to the official Chevrolet website here.