The Moar eBike

After one of the most successful crowdfunding projects in history the Moar eBike is about to go into production – the most powerful folding bike in history.

Crowd funding projects are becoming more and more popular.  It’s a failsafe way of doing business if you are the customer.  They are used almost as a sieve somewhat – weeding out all the weak proposals, whilst leaving around what is worth investing in.
If you are unaware of how crowdfunding works, a person or company put together a proposal of a product, service etc detailing what it will consist of, and it’s benefits.  They also state it’s costs, and what you get for your money.
You don't have to part with any cash straight away – you are just making a pledge to purchase it when it becomes available, but it gives the creators / manufacturers an indication of people wanting to purchase it.

Anyway an American company Moar took to crowdfunding site Indiegogo with a concept for an electric folding bike.  Armed with technical information, pictures, videos, and proposals they hoped to raise $30,000 to put the bike into production.
What they actually raised was almost $1.3 million!  Needless to say people sat up and took notice.

But what is the Moar eBike?
Well, it’s the world's most powerful, full-suspension folding frame electric bicycle designed for on or off-road.

Ok lets first start with the thing that sets it aside from regular bikes…the drivetrain.
It is powered (when required) by a 48V Samsung lithium battery, similar to what is used in Tesla electric cars, one of the safest in the industry, driving a reliable and powerful 8fun motor, 500w or more. More torque and power than a lot of ebikes on the market – in fact it is powerful enough to pull a large car!
It can also take you up to the speeds of 20-25mph with silent ease.

It comes with a Pedal Assistance System of which you can set a power level for that the electric bike motors will provide assistance in proportion to your pedaling, assisting you to maintain speed.  This can be activated by a single press of a button on the handle bars.

Two words, Ride and Handling. With the top speed of MOAR bikes easily reaching 20mph, a full suspension is a must. Besides the obvious comfort factor there are more important reasons that make full-suspension essential for any ebikes going over 20mph. The rear suspension helps tremendously with traction on the ground and lets you keep control of your bike, whether you are riding on a trail with loose gravel, dirt, exposed roots or cracked and pot-hole lined city streets. The same reason you won’t drive a car without full suspension, so does you ebike. A full suspension also reduces the wear and tear on your body and the bike itself by softening jolts and reducing fatigue on your hands, legs, joints and rear, even if you bike standing up.

And when it comes to the tires it boasts 26”x4” fat tires on 100mm aluminum rims to go with the full suspension, for sure footed control, comfort and safety. You can also feel confident no matter what terrain you are on whether that be snow, sand, dirty or just the city streets.

Speaking of the tires you might think that storage or even travelling on other forms of transport with the bike would be troublesome, but it isn’t with the folding of it.
Easily fold the MOAR eBike to half its size for storage and transport with one flip of the safety catch and a pull a latch.
For added equipment safety, MOAR is the only electric bike on the market with a right-handed fold, allowing the front wheel to form a protective cage around the rear derailleur during transport.  Even the pedals fold in!

Further to this all of the bikes are made with 6061 aircraft grade aluminum so they won’t rust and also contain in-frame waterproof wiring.  The bikes all also come with a horn, which is essential when travelling at the potential speeds you can, and you also have the added option of turning signals.
As well as this it is equipped with Shimano gears, and quite importantly two different types of brakes – either the more expensive hydraulic assisted or the standard mechanical 160mm rotor disc brakes made by Tektro USA that allow you to stop on a dime, all while triggering the automatic motor cutoff and rear brake light.
Also speaking of safety it comes with 1,000 lumen projection headlights, so you can see and be seen at night.

Needless to say whatever you do on Moar bike (or any other eBike for that matter), make sure you do it with a helmet on.

For more information please head on over to the official website here, or the Indiegogo page which still exists here.