The Sun Cruise Resort

No this isn’t the end result of a holiday gone wrong, this is the world’s first on-land cruise ship and resort. Stunning views ahoy, and with no chance of getting seasick make this a must see!

Built at the top of a large cliff the Sun Cruise resort is set in the town of Jeongjin in South Korea, and is truly jaw dropping in appearance.
Standing at 540 feet long and 150 feet high this is a vessel that has never ever floated in the ocean – it was purely created as a hotel and to stand where is it.

The view from the ship (and the surrounding area) have become well known as the ideal place to watch the sun rise across the Sea of Japan, especially on New Year's Day.

The 30,000-ton boat has a gym, swimming pools filled with sea water and a covered golf range so guests can tee off into an ocean view.
It also boasts 6 restaurants including European and Korean orientated ones, as well as the Sky Lounge which is a revolving bar at the top of the ship lets visitors gaze at a panoramic view of the horizon, and not to mention hosting a nightclub and karaoke bar.

The ship has 211 cabins, ranging from hotel-style bedrooms to private apartments,  they are nautical themed, which includes portholes for windows and you can have ocean noises played into enhancing the feeling of being at sea.

And if you want to ‘come ashore’ the resort also contains a park located adjacent to the hotel. Prominent within the landscaped gardens are ‘The Hands of Promise’, two giant hands rising from the ground, along with a variety of other sculptures and rare flowers. There is also an observation area with a glass floor suspended above the sea, an exhibition hall, and a lake.

With all this you may be surprised to learn that you can stay there for roughly £45 a night, although flights to get there may cost a little more.

For more information please head to the resort’s website here, on which you will be able to see that starting this month you are now able to book onboard the smaller boat hotel just a stones throw from the cruise ship one.