2016 Drone Aeriel Photography Winners

With drone technology increasingly becoming a daily fact of life, the burgeoning artistic endeavour of drone aerial photography has been further legitimated with the announcement of the winners of the third annual Drone Aerial Photography Contest.



The Little People Project

The Little People Project was started in 2006 by London-based artist Slinkachu and involves the remodelling and painting of miniature model train set characters, which are then placed, photographed, and left on the street. Sometimes humorous, sometime political or environmental they are always entertaining.



Lego Foods by Tary

As children we’re always told not to put toys in our mouth, however as adults we might just have to remind ourselves again thanks to Japanese artist Tary and his Lego Food.



Sneaker It – Alphabet Trainers

Madrid-based graphic artist Andre Momo has created an alphabet based on 26 iconic trainers designs. Released individually on Instagram they are all coming together on poster available soon, but how many can you identify?



Misplaced New York

Interactive designer Anton Repponen has released the Misplaced Series, which removes notable New York buildings from their surroundings and “misplaces” them in desolate landscapes around the world.



The Colours Of Feelings Video


French filmmaker Thomas Blanchard has used a mixture of household ingredients to create a stunning video called The Colour Of Feelings – beautiful colourscapes that carry you away on a wave of emotional associations.


Sony World Photography Awards 2016

After a record-breaking 230,103 images were entered into the competition, Sony has released the shortlists for the World Photography Awards 2016, and as you may expect they are nothing short of spectacular, breathtaking, unusual, and everything in between.