Gone In 4 Seconds

You wouldn't consider it for your everyday car, but when it comes to fun factor and the amount of bang for your buck, you can't get much better than a Caterham. A trackday favourite that still bases it's styling on the Lotus Super 7, Caterham are a British icon that's still manufacturing cars at their Dartford factory.

The new AeroSeven Concept takes the essence of Caterham with a dose of F1 technology to bring you a car that not only looks amazing, but drives and handles as you'd expect a Caterham to. Drawing heavily on methods used by the F1 team, this is the first Caterham to be fitted with a newly developed engine management system that delivers 237 BHP, 152 LBS FT of torque and has fully adjustable traction and launch control to ensure the power is delivered as effectively as possible.

With a full carbon fibre body, 0-60 MPH comes around in a face distortingly quick sub four seconds and while prices haven't been announced yet, production is due to start in Autumn 2014 if you fancy getting your hands on one.

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