Kids Mercedes AMG GT


Mercedes has just released details of it’s latest single seater sports car at the Paris Motor Show, and this time you don’t even need a license to drive it! Yes you heard correct……welcome to the Mercedes AMG GT for children.

Designed for ‘the world’s bravest test drivers’ these Mercedes-AMG GT bobby cars are available in a ‘Classic Silver’ and ‘Solarbeam Yellow’ colorways.


Both cars feature an adjustable steering column, a single foam-padded seat, and wire-spoke alloys with treaded tires that are designed to not only run quiet, but grip well even on slick interior floor surfaces.

The silver AMG with the red seat is the standard version, but the upgraded one features gets the yellow treatment with black seat and wheels as well as functioning LED headlights and a flat-bottom steering wheel.

Suitable for ages 18 months and up the ‘Bobby Cars’ are manufactured by German company BIG, who have been producing this type of toy since 1972, and have collaborated with many companies over the years (including Mercedes previously) to produce over 100 different version of the 4-wheeled vehicle which have sold a staggering 17 million units!


Unless your baby is the next Schumacher, Senna, Vettel, or Hamilton you can expect to get a couple of miles an hour out of the beast, however you know there’s a word record for everything these days, and the bobby car is no exception……step forward a gentleman with the name of Marco Fischer who in 2003 managed to get over 67 mph out of one.

The cars can be purchased from Mercedes themselves or selective toy shops across Europe.