Palladium Boots


If you’ve not already seen the video of Palladium Boots new AW16 collection then take a look now…..

Starting out in 1920, Palladium manufactured tires to support the needs of the growing aviation industry by layering canvas bands under vulcanized rubber tires. As world War II ends and the demand for aircraft tires decreases, Palladium uses its canvas and rubber resources to open it’s first footwear factory in Pont de Cheruy, France. Palladium used their expertise to make boots that were as hard wearing as their tires. The boots were so comfortable and durable that they were adopted by the legendary French Foreign Legion.

Palladium is widely adopted by explorers in Europe as the footwear of choice for extreme conditions. French volcanologist and geologist Haroun Tazieff even wore them through his volcanic expeditions!

Discovered by the grunge and rave scenes, the iconic Pampa boot becomes a fashionable look on a global scale. Palladium sells over one million boots in a year.

The updated manufacturing process enables the brand to develop boots using modern fabrics and materials building a new line of boots for modern day explorers.

Exploration has always defined palladium boots. Join the journey as they work to build a community that shares images and experiences of exploration.