Spectacular Origami By Gonzalo


If you’re one of those people who struggles to make a paper airplane that can actually fly then prepared to be blown away with some of the greatest origami of all time.

Japan is considered by most to be the home of origami, but Spain has its own origami master as well – Madrid-based Gonzalo Garcia Calvo. Some of his designs are so intricate and beautiful that it's hard to believe that they're folded out of only one piece of paper.

By day Gonzalo works professionally as a musician but easily gets lost in the challenge of bringing paper to life in his spare time. He uses a variety of different techniques and papers to fold impressive ultra-realistic animals like dragons and woolly mammoths, musical instruments and even characters such as Yoda. Limited only by the dimensions and textures of the origami paper, Calvo’s creations are a testament to the evolution of the centuries-old art form.

Check out a small sample of his work below, and for the full collection please head to his Flickr page here.