Stone Island AW 16/17 - Shadow Project


The Italian brand introduces us to their exciting new collection named Shadow Project. Stone Island have used intelligence and creativity to play around with form and function, giving a fresh new look with the use of desirable fabrics and modern technology.
Season after season, it is through the study of form and the manipulation of the fabric, cut and design that Stone Island has found its own language with the aim of establishing new boundaries in the world of garment making.

Designed by Hugh Errolson and developed by Stone Island, the Shadow Project underlines the intimate relationship and interaction between this work and the full body of the Stone Island collection. This collection has been passionately developed by all who worked on it.

Technical Craftsmanship and intricate detailing take centre stage yet again in the new collection. Featuring all the classic and most popular styles alongside the new. These include Jackets constructed in nylon monofilament, with heat reactive fabrics and water repellant technology are the ultimate creation in new hybrid garments. Always keeping in mind the clothing items function is never just aesthetic. In depth experimentation has led to the discovery of new materials, layering different weights of fabrics and production techniques never used before in the clothing industry.

Ice Jacket Resin-T Shell

The evolution of the Ice Jacket with the introduction of Resin-T fabric, a very light shell in a translucent nylon tela that changes colour according to temperature variations, thanks to a special thermo-chromatic coating. Inside the shell, the removable down jacket in coloured nylon creates further colour play.

Stone Island House Check

The launch of the Island House Check, in collaboration with Dormeuil®, one of the world’s finest manufactures of wool fabrics in the United kingdom since 1842. The Compass Rose is integrated in the development of the checked design. The intricate textile structure in Shetland wool/nylon has been created with a rare antique loom. The design is created in with a double weave and shown on the reverse to emphasise the star motif. The House Check pattern is replicated on Nylon Metal garments – historic fabric with a metallic, iridescent look that is a product of Stone Island research - on cotton jersey sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Available in an fresh colour palette featuring blush pink and pistachio green. Check out all the latest pieces at Cruise.


Heat Sensitive Jacket House Check Sweatshirt