Stone Island Garment Dye Project

The Stone Island prototype research series are limited editions. They feature garments in fabrics or treatments coming from research and experimentation process that have not yet been industrialised. 

The fabric used is called Dyneem and it is the strongest and most durable lightweight fabric in the world. The super light yet extremely tough Dyneema flexible composite fabric has increased tear, puncture, and abrasion performance.

Stone Island has engineered a ready to dye version by bonding it to an exclusive performance membrane with an ultra light nylon tela backing.

The 100 pieces for this limited edition made of 2 sets of 50 items are then garment dyed with 50 colour recipes in the Stone Island colour lab.

It will be on sale at the end of April.

The reversible jacket, one side shows the Dyneema face, the other shows the ultra light nylon tela which takes the dye colour as do all other nylon components of the piece. 

The garments are cut and sewn, the seams are entirely sealed by hand with Dyneema re-enforced tapes. Before the garment dyeing procedure the jackets have to rest for one week to allow the correct polymerisation of the tapes.

The high level of craftmanship involved in the process makes each garment unique and unrepeatable

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