Stone Island Poly Cover Composite Jacket

Is the Poly Cover Composite Jacket possibly the ultimate  Stone Island jacket

Brand new in at Van Mildert and soon becoming our most wanted item, Stone Island have produced yet another impressive piece of technological-fashion fusion.

Coming in at £1, 375 the Italian brand has devised the Poly Cover Composite jacket which offers not one, but four, separate layers that can be worn together, or individually. 

Renowned for their constant innovation and production of immaculate, must-have street-wear, each garment has been composed with at least one impressive, technological advantage.

Whether it's the wind/water proof material of the matte, semi-transparent outer layer, the metallic sheen covering the prosthetic furred second layer, the versatile wearability of the royal blue third layer with the iconic Stone Island arm emblem, or the warmth provided by the ribbed, pure wool design of the fourth layer - there is something incorporated in each piece to ensure it's fit for a whole plethora of situations.

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