The Imitation Game - Trailer


Even if you only know a small amount about World War II you would undoubtedly know about the Enigma code developed by the Germans. What you may not know is who helped pioneer modern-day computing (without it you might not be reading this) and eventually crack the cryptic code.

Over the last decade we’ve seen Benedict Cumberbatch rocket in popularity and screen presence with such roles as Sherlock, Khan and now Alan Turing. Judging by the trailer he has attacked the role with the same enthusiasm he always seems to employ and fits naturally into the era to which the film is set.

Code breaking might seem boring, but time is short for Turing and his team which results in a fast-paced drama sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Imitation Games is out in cinemas on Friday 21st November - watch the trailer below.