Turmeric and Potato Bonfire Soup - Recipe

With Bonfire night upon us and the cold weather creeping in, opt for a dish that will warm your cockles this Autumn. Gather round for an evening of comforting yet delicious food with this hearty soup, this easy to prepare dish will leave you free to enjoy the fireworks.

What you'll need:
- 4 medium potatoes
- 2 onions
- 1 stalk of celery
- 2 rhizomes of fresh turmeric, small/medium size
- Vegetable broth
- Cyprus black salt
- Extra virgin olive oil to taste

How to make:
1. Peel the potatoes and chop into large chunks, peel the onions and remove any filaments from the celery. Keep the broth at a lukewarm temperature ready for the vegetables.

2. Add all the vegetables into a large pot and cover with the broth, cover the pot and cook over a moderate heat until the potatoes are well cooked.

3. Carefully peel the turmeric and blend with a little of the broth until you are left with a rich orange coloured liquid.

4. Blitz the vegetables with a mixer, adding a little broth at a time, add a dash salt and finish with the turmeric broth.

5. Serve immediately, finishing with a sprinkle of salt and a drizzle of extra virgin oil.

Original recipe found at LondonFridge.com