Broken Liquid

A basis of glass and concrete doesn’t sound like the making of a stunning set of sculptures, but that’s pretty much all boat-maker turned artist Ben Young has used to create a collection called Broken Liquid, which draws inspiration from his surrounding area.

The self-taught New Zealander through his use of concrete, glass, and occasionally steel weaves an introspective narrative about nature and the space between objects.

A glass sea keeps apart two lovers formed out of steel, the space between a cliffside lighthouse and sailboat out at sea is purposeful and balanced. Even the pieces that don’t feature figurines carry, thanks to their geometrical nature, a sense of dynamism and thoughtfulness. The contrast in tones between the glass and concrete, often enhanced by well-placed lighting, further aids Young’s semi-organic production.
Each sculpture is hand drawn, hand cut and hand crafted from a clear sheet of float glass, then laminated layer upon layer to create the final form.  He constructs models, draws templates, makes custom jigs, and then cuts layers with a glazier’s hand-tool.
Young says that the difficulty comes in transferring what he thinks are ideal 2D shapes into 3D pieces, with the finished piece sometimes changing drastically.

Young’s work which collectively is called Broken Liquid explores the use of industrial materials to compliment the organic glass shapes.  He likes the idea that concrete is a basic construction material, and also the physical and visual contrasts between the textures and colours of both materials.  Still noticeably influenced by the ocean and bodies of water – the concrete forms have become an integral part of his art forms, as have the small bronze carvings which he sculpts initially from wax, and uses to help portray the narrative suggested by his landscapes.

For more information, to see more creations by Ben, or to even make a purchase please head on over to his official  'Broken Liquid' website here.