Lego Pinball

The perfect combination of a classic toy meeting retro entertainment, brick builder Bre Burns has taken the humble yet versatile Lego brick and pushed it to the extreme. Using a whopping 15,000 pieces she has created a fully functional Pinball Machine. Find out more…

Lego bricks are a tool of nearly limitless potential — if you’ve got enough pieces and enough patience, you can build almost anything……and that’s just what American Bre Burns did.

Dubbed ‘Benny’s Space Adventure’ and being made up of more than 15,000 bricks the table is a marvel of construction to look at, with obstacles, bumpers, and working flippers, which took roughly 200–300 hours to design and build.

Burns’ machine is impressive not only for being built out of Lego, but for being entirely constructed out of authentic Lego pieces and parts, down to the electronics (powered by Lego Mindstorm NXT parts), the rubber bands (borrowed from Lego Technic sets), and even the steel pinball itself (also found in a Mindstorm kit).
Burns also proudly boasts that her build is authentic to the pieces, with no gluing, screwing, or fabrication of any kind.  Oh, and it is also coin-like operated.

Take a look at the below for a video by The Brothers Brick which shows the pinball machine in greater detail, as well as an interview with Oregon native Burns about how she put everything together.