On The Edge - Ken Block

Prepare yourself for some edge of your seat action as fearless rally driver and legendary drifter Ken Block takes on the famous 14,000-foot Pikes Peak hill climb in Colorado in a serious case of man versus mountain.

Toyo Tires presents Ken Block’s Climbkhana: Pikes Peak, the next evolution of Block’s award-winning Gymkhana series. This is man versus mountain, 14,000ft vs 1,400-horsepower, as Block’s twin-turbo methanol fueled 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn takes on the highest summit of the Rocky Mountains.

In classic Block-fashion, his all-wheel-drive Mustang hangs along the razor edge of the legendary hill climb course as he performs his tire-shredding drifts and avoids obstacles with ease and perfection.

Check out the video below, and for more information, pictures and videos please head to the Hoonigan website here.