The Bookchair

Designed by architect Sou Fujimoto with the aim to reflect the basic, fundamental relationship between a book and its reader The Bookchair is as minimalistic as it is practical.

Created for Italian design brand Alias, the furniture is embedded with a chair-shaped element.  The chair fits into a cut-out section of the shelf, allowing it to slide out of the surrounding furniture as well as be unobtrusively stored when not in use.
The simple and extremely clean configuration of the bookcase is enriched by the soft, sinuous lines of the chair which, according to the use, may be kept in a space inside the bookcase or, when in use, may stand free in the space of the home.  Thus, the bookcase becomes an element of the environment where it is installed, playing an active, continually changing role.

6.5” square in size the Bookchair is made from a single piece of wood, and is only available in white to emphasise the "strong ties between the content and the container".

For more information please head over to Alias.