Relive The Sochi Events Frame By Frame

"Not another blog post on Sochi 2014" you say? However, in our defence, after stumbling across this breathtaking article from the New York Times, we felt obliged to squeeze one more story out of one of the best Winter Olympics since its 1924 inception in Chamonix, France. After taking a look, I'm sure you won't hold it against us.

A very talented creative team over at the Big Apple HQ have diligently created stunning frame-by-frame images of some of Sochi's stars doing what they do best. The intricate photographs gives us mere mortals some idea of just how hard, complex and downright dangerous some of these sports actually are. So sit back and take in the marvellous work from these world class athletes and, remember, the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games commences on 7 March.