The AirBar

In one of the most mind-blowing pieces of tech we’ve seen in quite a while you can now change your regular MacBook Air into a touchscreen Apple product thanks to the very innovative AirBar.

There’s no denying the Apple are at the forefront of technology, but sometimes even the best miss a trick or two.
For years owners and fans of MacBook Air’s have been asking for a touchscreen version / function, but nothing has been forthcoming. However the folks at Neonode are now on hand with the next best thing.  The AirBar is a magnetic bar which attaches below the MacBook Air’s display and, like magic, transforms the notebook into a touchscreen device.

The AirBar attaches beneath the display with two small magnets, and when plugged into the USB port, the device beams infrared signals across the screen.  When the user disturbs these beams, the screen can triangulate the location of their finger.  It really is nifty.

The screen is also sensitive to paint brushes as well as the human touch, and importantly can be operated without software.  Once set up, the user can drag, draw, tap, pinch, rotate and zoom.

There is undoubtedly a market for it when you realise just how many MacBook Air’s are out there.  Figures released yesterday showed that for the last quarter Apple sold almost 4.3 million units of Apple Mac’s – That’s not iPhone’s, iPad’s, iWatches etc, that’s just Apple Mac’s, although there are no specific figures for how many are MacBook it is substantial.

The AirBar can be picked up for a very reasonably priced £75 ($99).

Check out the demonstration video below, and if you like what you see, or would like to know more about information then please head to their website here.