Vortex // NYC

Take a look at New York from a whole new angle as Brooklyn Aerials return with a stunning new video entitled Vortex. The cinematographer geniuses have ditched the drones, kept their feet firmly on the ground, and dug out their iPhones, as they bring you a twisted view of NYC.

A couple of years ago we brought you Balance – An Abstract View Of New York City, - a stunning drone video from Tim Sessler and his company Brooklyn Aerials, that turned one of the most recognisable Cities in the world quite literally upside down.

Well now they are back with a new video entitled Vortex which offers a unique, but more grounded view of the ‘City That Never Sleeps’.
And whilst the spinning camera remains, this time the idea was to portray the buildings as the foundation - the body and bones - of all of it.  That said, the people are the ones that really suck you into the video, as it creates the pulse and flow of the city and helps to create an overstimulating element in the piece.

This is also the first time that the company have used an iPhone in its entirety to film a project – attached to a Freefly Systems MoVI iPhone gimbal so it could achieve the 360 degrees barrel rolls.
But given that there is no other tool out there that could achieve this effect, and also being able to film without a large rig, in very busy, high security spaces like the World Trade Center, Penn Station or Grand Central, it was an obvious choice to use Apple’s finest.

Take a look at the finished piece below, and for more information please head on over to Brooklyn Aerials official website here.