2D & 3D Acrylic Lamps


It’s been months since we’ve brought you a great eye catching Kickstarter appeal, but with the Bulbing 2D & 3D Acrylic Lamps we think you’ll agree it’s been worth the wait.

Tel Aviv-based Studio Cheha has been re-imagining various everyday objects that maintain to their original functions, but with a revamped design using non-traditional approaches and materials. Staying true to its creative origins in arts and design, the latest range of “Bulbing" flat lamps serve as both a practical object for your home, but also as an optical illusion.


Constructed from a single 2D acrylic sheet, the ZIGGi, DESKi and CLASSi look much larger than they actually are when turned on due to the intricate etching process of the lampshade, when in fact a side profile view reveals how thin the acrylic actually is. It can be a real space saver, and is a true visual statement for any household or workplace.

The 3 options of lamps are:

∨∨∨ DESKi offers a fresh take on your everyday reading light. It's sleek and stylish design will transform your space with originality.


∨∨∨ ZIGGi is a cool, calm design piece made to energise the room. ZIGGi promises to light up your life with super style!


∨∨∨ CLASSi is a beautiful, bold and bright light. CLASSi knows just how to illuminate the room and create the perfect ambience.


The response from the general public has been immense with the appeal being funded in less than 3 days. Currently with 32 days still to go the appeal has more than doubled the original £15,000 that was sought.

To fund the appeal yourself please go to their Kickstarter page here, and for their pre-existing collection of weird and wonderful lamps please head to their shop here.