Bands That Will Never Reform

It seems like not a week goes by without an old band from decades ago reforming and announcing a headline tour. The band always says it's what the fans have been calling for and the gigs inevitably sell-out.
Everyone from Take That to the Stone Roses has been at it. But there are some bands that it seems will never reform despite what the fans want.

Three bands that we doubt will ever reform are: The Jam, The Smiths and New Order. We give you all the scoop below:

The Smiths - Probably the most acrimonious split of them all, after guitarist Johnny Marr quit the band because of front man Morrissey's difficult relationships with varying managers and music industry professionals. Everyone's favourite vegetarian Morrissey has said he would rather 'eat his own testicles' than reform the band. But it wasn't just these two falling out - a seven year court case was fought between Andy Rourke and Mick Joyce over royalties.

The Jam - Jam front man and mod-father Paul Weller said: "hopefully I'll never be that skint again," when asked about a reunion. Why exactly The Jam split remains a bit of mystery but what's certain is that it was Weller who called time on the band. Weller then went on to form The Style Council and has enjoyed enormous success as a solo artist.

New Order - You may be lucky enough at a festival this summer to see a band called New Order. Sadly (as brilliant as band is) it won't be the New Order as this band is missing a key member - Peter Hook. Bernard Sumner decided to reform the band in 2011 without Hook after Hook played Joy Division tracks during a solo set without consulting with Sumner first. It's now handbags at dawn between the two with a court case imminent. The whole situation looks like it's about to get very messy.