Hostages - The New Homeland?

Debuting on Channel 4 last Saturday, the eagerly anticipated Hostages tells the story of Dr. Ellen Sanders (Toni Collette), a top surgeon who's been chosen to perform a fairly routine operation on the President of the United States. Pretty standard, right? Wrong. Things turn sour when a group of men, led by Duncan Carlisle (Dylan McDermott), barge into the doctor's home and take her husband and kids hostage. She's then faced with an impossible choice: participate in a conspiracy to end the President's life on the operating table, or risk having her family harmed and, at worst, murdered.

Introduced into the plot as a hot-headed FBI agent, Duncan Carlisle claims he knows everything about the family and has covered all eventualities to ensure his dastardly plot succeeds without a hitch. However, with a first season spanning 15 episodes and a second season commissioned, Hostages promises to deliver plenty of thrills, spills, twists and turns.

Much like the immensely popular Homeland Hostages delves deep into the dark secrets of a 'normal' American family, national political security and unfathomable moral dilemmas. For the foreseeable future, this nail-biting series will have you glued to your armchair every Saturday and ensure your New Year's resolution of avoiding the local watering hole isn't broken