The Lion Whisperer: Unforgettable Moments Caught on a GoPro Camera

We've all heard about the 'Dog Whisperer' and there's always a 'Baby Whisperer' amongst family and friends, but we're pretty sure you won't have seen a 'Lion Whisperer' quite like this or if at all.

Let us introduce you to Kevin Richardson aka the Lion Whisperer, who is a South African animal behaviourist (we're not quite sure that's a 'real' job either) who has made himself part of various lion prides and hyena clans, and captured all of his adventures on a GoPro camera.

With a mission to "Dream it. Do it. And capture it with your GoPro" we think the two go pretty hand-in-hand - Human hugging lion that is. Watch below as the Lion Whisperer embraces his wild pals and shares these unforgettable moments caught on his GoPro.