Child Film Stars: Then & Now

They where once famous young actors and featured in major blockbuster films, but seriously... where are they now? Ever wondered what happened to Buzz from Home Alone? Or what Short Round from Indiana Jones now looks like? We've delved into post movie life of some of our favourite child stars and believe me, some of them are definite LOL moments

Mara Wilson - Matilda, Miracle on 34th Street, Mrs Doubtfire
Sweet little Matilda, who knows what happened? Reports claim she's writing for a New York charity Publicolor.

Jonathan Ke Quan - Indiana Jones Temple Of Doom
Also known as Short Round in Indiana Jones and was last seen choreographing martial arts/stunts for X-Men.

Devin Ratray - Home Alone
Or Buzz from Home Alone to all of us, sadly, his actor career never really took off.

Robert MacNaughton - E.T
Better known as Michael in E.T. and rumour has it, he's now working as a postman in Arizona.

Jonathan Lipnicki - Stuart Little
Better known as George in Stuart Little and was last seen doing charity work, plus some serious gym training.

Jeff Cohen - The Goonies
Ahhh Chunk, where are you now? Working as a top Hollywood entertainment lawyer actually.

Amber Scott - Hook
Also known as Maggie in Hook and was last seen graduating Trinity College in America back in 2006.

Ross Bagley - The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Independence Day
Nicky Banks to all of us Last seen in 2004, starring in an episode of US TV drama Judging Army (whatever that is).

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen - Full House, Two of a Kind, It Takes Two
The infamous twins, known for roles in Fun House and Two of a Kind. Currently working as fashion designers, and managing film company Dualstar.