Coldplay – Hymn For The Weekend - Music Video


Coldplay have released their new music video for “Hymn For the Weekend”, from the group’s most recent studio album A Head Full of Dreams, and although uncredited on the album it heavily features megastar Beyonce.

The video follows Coldplay frontman Chris Martin through the vibrant streets of Mumbai, before the group unites for an impromptu performance , with Beyonce singing and dancing in customary Indian jewellery and attire.

It was actually filmed at various Indian cities including Varanasi; Worli Village, Mumbai and Kolkata during the Holi festival which made for wonderfully vibrant and techincolour viewing, and seemed to generate laughter and happiness set against some kaleidoscopic backgrounds.

In the first 5 days since it was released online it has been viewed over 20 million times, however if you are one of the select few that hasn’t seen it then you can check it out below.

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