Learn To Speak Cricket

Whether you're the cricketing type or not, you can be pretty certain that one of the most talked about sporting events over the next week will be the 1st Ashes Test as England's rivalry with Australia continues. To help any novices join in with the conversation, we've put together our top ten glossary of cricket terms so that you too can deliver a googly whilst avoiding a yorker and being out for a duck

So let's begin...

Googly - If you see a bowler deliver a googly you'll know he's thrown a spinning ball 

Yorker - A fast delivery of the ball, almost impossible to keep out if it's perfectly pitched

A hit for 6 - Every batsman's dream, to hit the ball out of the boundary lines and not even have to run

Golden Duck - The unfortunate name given to the guy/girl who gets bowled out on there very first ball

Fruit Salad - A personal favourite, when the bowler delivers different balls each time keeping the batsman on his toes

Dolly - "That was a Dolly" Also known as a very easy catch

Howzat? - The scream from the fielding team when appealing an umpires decision to not throw out the batsman

Maiden Over - If you hear this, you'll know it means that no runs have been scored off the bat and no wides or no balls have been bowled. Pretty good if you're the bowler

Sawn Off - An unlucky batsman who's been given an out by the umpire

Red Cherry - The nickname given to the star of the show, the cricket ball

So know you're in the know, you can put our hand guide into practice when the Ashes kicks off later this week