Weirdly Wonderful Hotels

Having seen plenty of ‘Holiday’s from Hell’ the thought of slumming it is not my idea of fun, but if you are looking for somewhere different to vacation this year and still want to wake up each morning in paradise, we've found you the perfect spots. From underwater hotels in Fiji and the Maldives to underground mines in Sweden, you’ll be in for a treat Fear not, paradise and luxury has not been compromised. Here we give you our top hidden gems:

Water Discuss Hotel, Maldives

So even if this hotel hasn't actually been built YET, construction is under way on this amazing underwater hotel. Located on the tropical island of Kuredhivaru in the Maldives, the hotel will feature 21 underwater hotel rooms, spa facilities, bar and restaurants, all allowing you to view the vibrant coral reef surroundings. 

The doughnut-shaped building houses it's own helicopter pad with rooftop lounges so you can soak up the sun and enjoy a cocktail and why not take advantage of the pretty cool water sports and diving facilities the hotel has to offer.  

Sala Silvermine, Sweden

Okay, so we're sticking with the underground theme but this time we're showing you this pretty funky underground hotel in Sweden. The Sala Silvermine is one of the worlds best preserved mines and offers its visitors a very unique outdoor experience You can take guided mine tours, take an adventure on a high wire and even make your own jewellery For the ultimate experience, stay in the luxury Mine Suite complete with champagne, chocolate and a huge warm bed.

Dog Park Barn Inn, Idaho, USA

Yes, you really are looking at a hotel carved and shaped into a GIANT Beagle dog Owned and hand crafted by husband and wife duo Dennis and Frances, the Dog Park Barn Inn (try saying that quickly three times over) is situated in Cottonwood, Idaho and offers its visitors a unique bed & breakfast experience with pretty quirky surroundings.

Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Now if you're a fan of the great outdoors and have a soft spot for wild safari animals (giraffe's in particular) then we present to you the Giraffe Manor boutique hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. Here, the giraffe's have no boundaries and chances are they'll be joining you for breakfast and and sticking their heads in your bedroom window

Situated just 20km for the city centre, this exquisite hotel (once home to conservationists Jock and Betty Leslie-Melville) offers customers 10 luxury bedrooms with the opportunity to embark on local excursions. You can even adopt a baby elephant One for you animal lovers for sure