Mehmet Gozetlik Captures Well-Known Western Logos in Chinese


Brand logos are so frequently seen that we are able to recognize the company graphically even before we read their name.

The ways in which we interpret visual messages became an interesting source of discovery for Istanbul-based designer Mehmet Gözetlik during the creation of his ‘Chinatown’ series, which sees 20 well-known western logos through Chinese letterforms presented in a classical neon-sign-style associated with advertising.

Chinatown also seeks to demonstrate our unfamiliarity to the language used by over 1.35 billion people.

He has also released a short video which you can see below that shows a brief overview of how the neon signs are made.

Now have a look at the creations below and see how many you can name.











To see this and his other projects please visit mehmetgozetlik.com