OK Go Reach New Heights In Video For 'I Wont Let You Down'


After bringing you news of OK Go's new album along with the ingenious video for The Writing's On The Wall back in September, we feel it is only right to present you with the band's latest and greatest visual effort - the drone-filmed I Wont Let You Down.

All captured in just one shot, the video for I Wont Let You Down sees the band members manoeuvring around on little Honda UNI-CAB mobility devices (which kind of look like tiny, motorised unicycles) while a troupe of other dancers do all sorts of wonderful performances around them.

Coming to a grand finale with the aerial-shot-to-beat-all-aerial-shots, hundreds of people (band members included) open and close umbrellas to create the illusion of a moving images on the ground.

Rather than us try and describe it, have a look for yourself below.