The Stop-Motion History Of Honda


We only have to point you as far as the Painting With Lego Bricks post we put up a few months ago to show you of our love for anything Stop-Motion, so when we saw the latest ad video Honda have released detailing their history to date we just had to share it.

The whole thing was put together by New York artist Adam Pesapane (who goes by the name of PES), and took 4 months, and roughly 3000 unique illustrations stitched together with stop-motion filming to create the 2 minute video, but the results are I’m sure you’ll agree more than worth it.
It was shot on large table — acting almost like a physical map of the company's history — and the pages are flipped and swapped out by hand in thousands of separate shots. The focus on paper and illustration is a clever way to make us appreciate what engineers and manufacturers do: bring ideas on paper to life.

Founded by Soichiro Honda in 1946 the video details the Japanese companies rise from making and tuning engines to introducing them to bikes (where they became the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world), then moving on to boats, then cars, and then into racing cars (in particular Formula 1), and to off road vehicles to tackle any terrain as well as the more unusual items such as lawn mowers, and then humanoid robots (the most famous being ASIMO), before finally moving on to aircraft.

So without further ado here is the video in question...

...as well as a video of how the whole thing was made.