Vintage Photography

Famous historic photographs have recently been given a little TLC and with the latest technological advances, have been brought back to life with the addition of colour. Images from 1945 World War II, the 1936 Hindenburg Disaster, Tennessee during the 1864 Civil War and a 1956 Giant film poster of Elizabeth Taylor are among the bunch of restored images. Take a look at some of our favourite images below courtesy of Imgur.

1. Abandoned boy, London 1945 & poet Walt Whitman 1887

2. Actresses Elizabeth Taylor 'Giant' film, 1956 & Audrey Hepburn 

3. Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill

4. Jewish Holocaust victim Anne Frank, 1942

5. Capitol in Nashville Tennessee during the Civil War, 1864

6. Hindenburg Disaster, May 6 1937

7. Scientist Albert Einstein, summer 1939 & a 27 year old Charlie Chaplin, 1916