Volvo Trucks - The Epic Van Damme Split

The Muscles from Brussels, in all his denim goodness has returned to our screens and believe me, you won't want to fast forward this ad... Jean-Claude Van Damme, known most famously for his martial arts, action movies and incredible Coors Light advert has teamed up with Volvo to advertise Volvo Trucks' new dynamic steering system.

The "Epic Split" video is just one part of a series that has been produced by Volvo Trucks, that all feature daring stunts and tricks to highlight innovation and technology in its vehicles. By producing YouTube mini films, the brand will hopefully create attention and entertain audiences in a unique and creative way, and ultimately raise awareness.

The stunt that you'll see in the video is pretty crazy and believe it or not, was real and performed by the legend in just one take. Take a look below, it's definitely epic