Hey You Guys! - The Goonies 2

Whilst signing autographs in Beverley Hill, The Goonies director Richard Donner casually let slip that his next film will be a sequel to the legendary childhood adventure. And when asked which of the 1985 cast would be returning, he nonchalantly responded “Hopefully all of them". Wow.

Written by Steven Spielberg, The Goonies is an adventure-comedy about a gang of kids who search for the infamous One-Eyed Willie’s pirate treasure to save their homes from being replaced by a country club. The story was an instant hit and remains a huge part of popular culture today – you soon know if the movie is replayed on TV as Twitter and Facebook hit meltdown!

Since the original film, The Goonies cast have had mixed fortunes and taken diverse professional paths. Sean Astin (Mikey) found international stardom thanks to the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Corey Feldman (Mouth) continued to utilise his juvenile talents in Stand By Me and The Lost Boys and Josh Brolin’s (Brand) career was renewed thanks to starring roles in hits such as No Country For Old Men, True Grit and Gangster Squad. However, on the flip-side, Jeff Cohen (Chunk), Jonathan Ke Quan (Data) and Kerri Green (Andy) haven’t quite matched their silver screen counterparts and settled for careers in entertainment law, martial arts coordination and film production respectively.

So, with lovers of The Goonies screaming for a follow-up, what will the sequel bring? In an ideal world, Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus will be involved, the legend of One-Eyed Willie will live on, Sloth will still be living with Chunk and an unprecedented predicament will pave the way for an exciting adventure full of thrills, spills, one-liners and laughs. We can’t wait.