Wintercroft DIY Halloween Masks

With Halloween just over a week away, British designers Steve and Marianne Wintercroft are back with a newly designed unique collection of geometric masks. Quick, cheap and guaranteed to solve all your Halloween costume headaches.



Kids Mercedes AMG GT

Mercedes has just released details of it’s latest single seater sports car at the Paris Motor Show, and this time you don’t even need a license to drive it! Yes you heard correct……welcome to the Mercedes AMG GT for children.



The Flexhouse

With its wide walls of glass and a ribbon-like white façade that winds its way around the building, this home on the banks of Lake Zurich is so light and mobile in appearance that it resembles a futuristic vessel that has sailed in from the lake and found itself a natural place to dock.



The Porsche Designed Piano

The MPiano is a collaboration between Alpha Pianos and the Porsche Design team. It is a touch-sensitive keyboard with adjustable key characteristics, so you can play anything from a grand piano, to a church organ, to a harpsichord, and everything in between.



The Knife Made From A Meteorite

Specialising in high quality knives French company Perceval Cutler now has a piece de resistance in its vast collection. A knife that is literally out of this world – at least it was out of this world, as it is crafted from a meteorite.



The Cool Material Drinking Glasses

Ever since the guys at Cool Material launched their online shop, their aim has been to stock it with unique, well-made goods from a wide variety of makers taking pride in hand-selecting every item they carry. With that said we take a look at a small sample of their excellent drinkware range.



A Matter Of Belief - Justine Smith

As London-based artist Justine Smith prepares to debut her new series of original collages, prints and sculpture made from old currency in an exhibition dubbed A Matter Of Belief, VM Life takes a little look as some of her stunning creations.