Food & Drink

Coffee Crusted Steaks Recipe

With International Coffee Day coming up we thought we’d dig out a special recipe to use those granules with. Put that hot water away though, as those granules won’t be creating a drink. Instead it’s going to be creating a tasty, juicy, and mouthwatering steak.


Burger's All The Way

Next week sees National Burger Day roll on in, and to help celebrate it here’s a recipe that’s a bit different from the norm. You wouldn’t think fruit could go with a burger, but behold the Mozzarella Peach Burger that proves it really does work.



Originally created in Australia, ever since the Freakshake came to the UK a few years ago their popularity has continued to rise to the point where major food outlets are now stocking them. Outrageously messy, and unbelievably tasty it’s your main meal and dessert all in one!


Ice Cream Dream

It’s the time of year when a lot of people gravitate toward ice cream as their dessert of choice. However with so many different types of flavours, brands and ice cream shops, there’s something different for pretty much everyone to enjoy. So what are the most popular types of ice cream this time of year?


Food Festivals

Yorkshire folk love their food and drink, so it's of no surprise that they host such a diverse variety of food festivals each year, and that they are some of the most well attended in the country. With great food, drink, entertainment, and a whole host of other activities this is your guide to food festivals of God’s Own County.


Celebrate Fish And Chips

Whether they are homemade, bought in a fancy restaurant, or eaten out of yesterday’s newspaper from a takeaway shop, Fish and Chips are the quintessential British dish, and Friday 2nd June is their National Day, so to celebrate we bring you a classic recipe with a slight twist.