Doubles – A Short Film


Could you imagine living in the knowledge that there was exact replica of yourself roaming around in the same world? They could be anywhere, even turn up to the same job you currently work at. And of course the love of your life will have a duplicate, would you get jealous if there double ran off with someone else? How would it affect your entire world as you know it?

Luckily we live by the laws of physics and that scenario probably wouldn’t or couldn’t happen. But 3rd Place Pictures give us an insight into what it that would look like when two universes collide and create exact duplicates of both people and inanimate objects on a single version of Earth, a hopeless romantic finds himself able to win the heart of his dream girl's double.

For a trailer of the short film please see the video below.

Doubles - Short Film from Jacob Motz on Vimeo.