Simon Beck Creates Amazing Snow Art Using Just His Feet

With the Winter Olympics underway we've got snow fever here at Van Mildert HQ and aritst Simon Beck has definitely wowed us with these stunning works of snow art, all created with nothing more than his feet.

Simon Beck Snow Art #1

Simon Beck, 54, of Southern England, created his first piece of snow art ten years ago back in 2004 and has recently found internet stardom due to sharing his creations online. Simon aims to release a book of his work in the near future.

Simon Beck Snow Art #2

A former orienteering map maker, Simon uses a compass to make the primary straight lines before going in unaided to complete the curves and detail which can often leave him working long into the night, leaving his creations vulnerable to snowfall which can quickly ruin a whole days work.

Simon Beck Snow Art #3

Beck does the majority of his work in Savoie, France where he lives during ski season, however he said not all of the locals appreciate his work: "Most of the skiers think I am a bit mad and that it's a waste of good skiing time but I hope to spread the message that the mountains and snow are beautiful and worth preserving, and there are better things in life than spending so much time doing things you don't want to so that you can spend money you haven't yet got to buy things you don't need to impress people you don't like." What a guy.

Simon Beck Snow Art #4

To see more of Simon's creations and to find out more about this wonderfully unqiue artist, head over to the Simon Beck's Snow Art Facebook page.