Sochi 2014: Jonathan Edwards Wears Stone Island from VM & National Teams Dress To Impress

If you have been keeping up to scratch with the BBC’s coverage of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics then you may have noticed a certain super stylish presenter, courtesy of Van Mildert.

In the build up to this year’s games, we supplied some nifty winter wear for the BBC promotional footage of the event, and we are delighted to see photos emerging of Olympic legend, Jonathon Edwards dressed in Stone Island from Van Mildert. We also supplied a range of Michael Kors winter wear, which as you can see here, caught the eye of the shoot's stylist.

Edwards hasn't been the only one under the fashion radar though, as a number of national teams have also come forth with designer label clothing suppliers.

First up, our very own Team GB have been decked out by Adidas, sporting subtle navy tracksuits and footwear from the sports clothing giant.

Team USA have gone all out on the winter season vibe with Ralph Lauren, who have designed a stunningly festive Team USA patchwork cardigan for the occasion. The Team USA Ralph Lauren collection also features a ceremony pea coat, reindeer hat, a flag sweater and a fold up blanket and harness, amongst other essential items.

Armani have designed a full range for their native Italians, creating a blue sports kit and formal wear collection and finishing it off with sleek Armani eyewear to guard them from the winter sun.

France's best known sports clothing company, Lacoste, are behind the French team's apparel. The legendary brand have designed a fashionable white and navy tracksuit which proudly features the iconic crocodile logo in the French national colours.