The Cardboard Festival Tent

Now that festival season has arrived one of the biggest problems associated with them is set to return, and that is the amount of waste created by them. Part of the solution however could lie with a Dutch company and their creation of a 100% recyclable cardboard tent.

Each year mountains of waste are left behind after the mass of festivals that take place, with one of the main items being tents.  It is estimated that 1 in 4 music festival go’ers never bring their tent back home with them.
This surely isn’t cost effective, not to mention a terrible waste.  This is where Kartent have come in.  There 100% recyclable cardboard tent is ideal for 3 day festivals.

The Kartent is made entirely out of un-coated and thick cardboard providing a structural strength not found in a standard tent.
Each tent is designed to host two people with room for storage, measuring 8.8 feet long by 4.9 feet wide by 4.2 feet tall giving a 3.3-square-metre floor plan with a small back window to keep it fresh, but that can be closed to make the tent completely dark should you need to sleep during the day.

Naturally one of the main issue when you think of a cardboard tent is what happens if / when it rains?  Well, Kartent state that it will stay waterproof up to 3 days, and to prove this they took the tent to a car wash to put it through its paces.  You can see a video of it over at their website linked below.

Other advantages are that Kartent also partners with certain festivals (there are currently 3 earmarked for the UK) so that they already pre-pitch the tents meaning festival-goers don’t need to carry the extra weight, and at the end the company take the tent away for you to be recycled.

The company, also at some festivals offer the opportunity for brands to advertise on the outside of the tent, thus lowering the price you pay, and if not you can still design a pattern or write something on the outside of your tent to make stand out or make it easy to find after a hard day of festivalling.

They can also be bought for home use as well as in junior sizes.

For more information please visit the Kartent website here.