Ferrari Evolution

Take a look back at one of the most iconic sportscar manufacturers of all time with the Ferrari Evolution. From the first car to carry the prancing horse logo; the classic 125 S in 1947 through to the sleek 2017 Portofino and everything notable in between this is a must watch.

Last year we brought you information about the ‘Seeing Red’ exhibition which featured 10 of the most impressive vehicles Ferrari has ever produced.
Now Youtube company Internitus have created an exhibition of their own with the Ferrari Evolution. It highlights all the important models from the Italian giants over the company’s 70-year history which include as well as the earliest and most recent ones, the First F40 which appeared in 1987 and the arrival of the Enzo in 2003 to name just a couple more.

Take a look at the video below, and click here for Internitus’s other videos, which also include the Evolution of BMW and Koenigsegg.