The Art Of Breakfast

Millions of people start the day with a fried egg or two, but none of them can cook it quite like Michele Baldini. You could even say what he serves up is a work of art……quite literally. With a canvas of a black frying pan this is an eggs-hibit you don’t want to miss.


The ReBlink Exhibition

ReBlink is a augmented reality installation that remixes historic pieces of art and updates them with modern technologies and products that drive our daily lives. Simply point a device at a painting and change history.


The Bowie Bolt Statue Project

We here at Van Mildert love a cool crowdfunding project, and when the subject of the crowdfunding is the iconic David Bowie it really doesn’t get a whole lot cooler than that. Check out the campaign to build a permanent David Bowie memorial statue in London.


Lego Foods by Tary

As children we’re always told not to put toys in our mouth, however as adults we might just have to remind ourselves again thanks to Japanese artist Tary and his Lego Food.



Misplaced New York

Interactive designer Anton Repponen has released the Misplaced Series, which removes notable New York buildings from their surroundings and “misplaces” them in desolate landscapes around the world.



Canvas On Edge

Canvas On Edge has been brilliantly created by Stallman Studio who have taken strips of painted canvas and balanced them on edge, creating looping, swirling scrollwork that becomes an abstract image.



A Matter Of Belief - Justine Smith

As London-based artist Justine Smith prepares to debut her new series of original collages, prints and sculpture made from old currency in an exhibition dubbed A Matter Of Belief, VM Life takes a little look as some of her stunning creations.



The Stop-Motion History Of Honda

It has taken a New York artist 4 months and roughly 3000 unique illustrations to create, but the end result is a stop motion video ad for Honda detailing their history, and it really is a thing of beauty. Check it out now with VM Life.