The Dot Watch

After 3 years of anticipation South Korean startup company Dot is finally due to release it’s sleek, minimalist and revolutionary smartwatch this month – the first smartwatch designed with visually impaired people in mind.


Volvo LifePaint

If you’ve decided to take up cycling as part of your New Year’s Resolution but are already fed up with the cold dark nights, and potentially dangerous vehicles out on the roads then the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo might just have come up with the thing for you: LifePaint.


The Fastest Electric Car On Earth

It really ought to be impossible for an electric car to go from 0 to 124 mph in a mere 7 seconds, but that’s just what NIO EP9 does. With spec that is quite ridiculous it has just set the new Electric Lap Record for blitzing round the iconic Nurburgring track in Germany.



500 Drones Take To The Sky In World Record

It ought to be impossible to fly 500 drones all at once, let alone with just one person controlling them, but those clever chaps at Intel have done just that, and the results are truly breathtaking. Take a look at the world record breaking video which shows the effort setting up and the stunning end product.



The BMW Motorrad Concept Motorcyle

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, BMW unveiled a series of innovative concept cars dubbed ‘Vision Next 100’, that show how the companies vehicles may well look like in another 100 years. The final piece of the puzzle has now been completed with unveiling of the petrol-free and self-balancing Motorrad.



The Flybrix Lego Drone

If you’ve always wanted a drone but were put off by the price then the guys at Flybrix have just the answer. For a fraction of the price of a normal one you can now take to the skies……and all with the help of the legendary and trusty Lego brick.



Montblanc Augmented Paper Set

Everything is moving into the digital era……there’s no surprise in that. Soon there’s only going to be pen and paper left untouched……well actually there won’t even be that thanks to Montblanc and their amazing Augmented Paper.